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Arctic Char: $18.95/pound 
Branzino: $7.95/each 
Branzino - Whole: $12.95/pound 
Catfish: $10.95/pound 
Chilean SeaBass: $29.95/pound 
Cod: $18.95/pound 
Flounder: $19.95/pound 
Grouper: $24.95/pound
Halibut: $23.95/pound
Scottish Salmon: $19.95/pound
Smoked Whiting: $9.95/pound 
Sole: $20.95/pound 
Steelhead Trout: $17.95/pound
Tilapia: $9.95/pound
Tuna: $25.95/pound 
Monkfish: $15.95/pound
Rainbow Trout: $17.95/pound


Littleneck Clams: $5.50 (12) $19.95 (50)
Topneck Clams: $7.75/dozen
Mussels: $7.25/2 pounds
Medium Raw Shrimp: $12.95/pound
Medium Cooked Shrimp: $13.95/pound
Large Raw Shrimp: $16.95/pound
Large Cooked Shrimp: $17.95/pound
Cocktail Shrimp: $26.95/pound
Sea Scallops: $23.95/pound
Raspberry Point Oysters: $19.95/dozen
Delaware Bay Oysters: $11.25/dozen
Jumbo Lump Crab Meat: $41.95/pound
Lump Crab Meat: $26.95/pound

Frozen Items

Alaskan King Crab Legs: $39.95/pound
Snow Crab Clusters: $23.95/pound
Dungeness Crab Clusters: $17.95/pound
Maine Lobster: Tails $36.95/pound
Brazil Lobster: Tails $34.95/pound
Salmon Burgers: $11.75/pack of 2
Homemade Fish Sticks: $18.95/pound
Frozen Items

Prepared Foods

Original Crabcakes: $8.95
Maryland-style Crabcakes: $9.95
Salmon Cakes: $5.95
Cod Cakes: $4.95
Crab Imperial: $3.95
Clams Casino: (6) $9.95
Oysters Rockefeller: (6) $10.95
Mac-n-cheese 16 oz: $7.95
Mashed Potatoes 16 oz: $3.95
Tuna Salad 8oz: $5.49
Cole Slaw 8oz: $2.95
Prepared Foods


NE Clam Chowder 16oz.: $5.95
NE Clam Chowder 32oz.: $10.95
Manhattan Clam Chowder 16oz.: $5.79
Lobster Bisque 16oz.: $8.95



 Cocktail   4oz $1.59       8oz. $2.69
Tartar    4oz. $2.69
Mustard Dipping    4oz. $2.00



Cocktail   7oz. $2.79
Tartar    7oz. $2.69
Sriracha    7oz. $2.79
Clarified Butter    4oz. $2.00